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I was in the darkness, so darkness I became


"Grotesque? How rude, how rude you speak to a lady.." And yet, the form shifted without the blink of an eye, a man of rather imposing and gruesome form and stature coming into being in place of the lady that was. "I have humour when I wish, and I am here to entertain my humour… At your displeasure and inconvenience." The form again shrunk, this time to a child, no taller than the boatman himself, with thin spidery fingers that trailed up his throat gently. "I’m here to do as I wish, and I wish to be here. Need I better reason to come, Ammon?" 

The boatman has left for the time being, garbage. Treat your superiors with respect and you shall be spared.” He smiled, grabbing the child’s hand and removed it post-haste. “What is it you wish of me, demon, and I shall see if I will let you continue your existence here…” The devious creature purred, his origins crawling out slowly as he continued to converse with her. “Though I can stand your being here, without a reason that can benefit me is what I cannot tolerate, you see? Give and you shall receive.” He held his hand out, waiting for payment. Drachmas, I require drachmas. Ammon thought, mind going into a flurry of thoughts.

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“‘Tis scarcely a choice, love, for I would waste away like the very prey I require should I be choosy these days. Though, some may still be groomed and sewn, reaped well when thought of the contrary comes. The humans may have changed, but with them too the fears, worse and worse as years fly.Thought, thought, the true fodder of fear… This is why I like these mortals, for their heads may swim with melancholy whimsy, and become prey suitable again.” Reaching over, the demon draws the littler being in against her bosom, stroking his hair back with blackened claws. “And, prithee, little darling, how goes your life? Or existence, yet, the better term.” 

"Ah, ah, ah. Hast the time been kind to a creature like you and I, we wouldn’t be here, conversing. Hast the time been kind, you and I would be worshiped like the old times. As the mortals grow their minds, filling with maleficent intentions. Thus the time of our reign draws to a close as we put our storybooks aside, letting them harvest dust and let the pages rot. Hast my life been kind, I wouldn’t be speaking to you, now would I?"

bakuhime-o-mi-kami said: *touches the child’s head gently* Boo.

"You aren’t the least bit humorous, yes?" He growled softly, swatting her hand away. You’re not the least bit funny yourself, boatman. "Be quiet, you." The boatman sighed, rubbing his forehead. "What hast brought such a disgustingly beautiful creature such as thyself? I thinkist ye be ‘ere for entertainment. Hardly such a grotesque being stay present for this time frame without being there for somethin’ they wish."

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"Touch me again and I’ll annihilate you. Okay?”


That probably won’t help when the sweets and candies are kept in a glass display stand, but the kid gets a spider to the face for his efforts.

This one seems to have been painted in an attempt to make it look at least a little less frightening, childish flowers scrawled on the sides.

The automaton blinked when a spoon went floating past his head.


He jumped backwards as the spider came flying towards his face, just swatting it aside and continued in his endeavors to get the sweets all around him. He’d kill for sweets, the only earthly item he would do such a thing for. 

"Dumb spider." He whispered, grabbing the spoon as it came to him, putting it on the ground whilst he searched for more goods, undoing the lids and taking out the candies that were protected inside them.

You’re going to get kicked out, you know. You can always act out  to get what you want. Come on, it’s just that easy. Don’t pretend to be something you’re not, mister boatman. 

"Shut up, you’re being a nuisance again… and if you can’t help me get this stuff then you’re useless as well.. Isn’t that right? Right."

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